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We are one big family.

We are a church where everyone is welcome! Regardless of age, gender or background; Wadsley Chuch is a place where you can belong and feel at home. We try to worship God in manner that everybody can connect with.

We do discipleship.

We believe that God has got a good plan for each of us, and we want to encourage each other to discover what it is and step into it. We do this at our Sunday services, but also through our small groups.

We have a mission.

We believe that the church exists to tell people about a God who loves them, and to introduce them to Him. God has called us to focus on being a great local church, so while people are welcome from anywhere, our main calling is to love and serve our surrounding area.

We believe in God's power.

We believe that God speaks, moves and heals today. God's power is accessible to everybody, not just special people, so we will always give the Holy Spirit space to do whatever He wants.

We are worshippers.

Worshipping God is really important to us, and so we make lots of space for it. We believe that God is AMAZING and worthy of our time and admiration. We love spending time in His presence and meeting with Him.

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