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What does the PCC do?

The PCC is the governing body of the church and its members act as trustees of Wadsley PCC Charity. 

The powers and duties of PCCs are laid down in law. It is responsible for the financial affairs of the church and the care and maintenance of the church fabric and its contents. It also exists to co-operate with the vicar and church leadership team in promoting the mission of the Church in the parish and to oversee the church services. The PCC may also make representations to the bishop and deanery synod on matters affecting the welfare and pastoral care of the parish.


Who is on the PCC?

Wadsley church is led by our Vicar (Dan) who shares responsibility for the governance of it with the PCC (this stands for Parochial Church Council). The PCC is made up of clergy and elected representatives from our congregation.The PCC is made up of members of the clergy and lay members of the church (A lay member is anyone who is on the electoral roll but is not ordained). In more detail the PCC is made up of:

  • Our Vicar and other people licensed for ministry, such as associated ministers, licensed lay ministers or curates

  • Our Churchwardens

  • Our Deanery, Diocesan and General Synod lay representatives

  • Lay members invited (or ‘co-opted’) by the PCC (e.g. secretary and treasurer).

  • Lay members elected from our congregation (these members are elected at the Annual Parochial Council Meeting (APCM). Anyone who is over 16 years old and has been on the electoral roll for over 6 months can stand for election).

List of Wadsley Church PCC members;

  • Dan Brown (Vicar)

  • Joe Fenn (Warden)

  • Donna Merry (Warden)

  • Jordan Betts (Curate/Vice Chair)

  • Josette Knowles (Deanery Synod Rep.)

  • Hannah Hutty (Deanery Synod Rep./ Health and Safety Officer)

  • Katie Grindrod (Secretary/Electoral Roll Officer, Co-opted)

  • Chris Heron (Lay member/Treasurer)

  • Joan Sargison (Lay member)

  • Sean Grant (Lay member)

  • Emily Kittle (Co - opted, Parish Safeguarding Officer)

  • Jenifer Jackson (Lay Member)

  • Gill Snook (Lay Member)

  • Rebekah Otieno (Associate Minister)

How does the PCC carry out its work?

Our PCC meets quarterly to make decisions concerning matters about the life of the Church. Apart from finance and buildings and staff, it also oversees the Church's mission and involvement in the community, the worship life and activities of the Church and the spiritual development of the congregation.

If decisions need to be made that cannot wait until the next PCC meeting then the standing committee can make decisions in the absence of a full PCC. The standing committee is made up of the vicar, the wardens, the treasurer and the secretary.

Given the many activities of Wadsley, discussing everything that is happening across the whole church is impractical in meetings, therefore much of the regular oversight is delegated to church wardens who may call sub-committees to share the workload. Wardens then report back to PCC with quarterly briefings.

Any major decisions or expenditures that are outside the approved budget may be brought to the whole PCC for discussion and decision making.

This is the structure of our PCC and its sub-groups;



The sub-committees may meet on a more frequent basis if needed to discuss matters specific to their responsibilities, and if they require more help they may request non-PCC members to join them.

The sub-committee wardens responsibilities will include but are not limited to;

Worship and spirituality

  • Sunday service oversight and implementation

  • Prayer and worship style and theology

  • Prophetic ministry and prayer ministry

  • Pastoral ministry

Mission and Ministry

  • Wellbeing and support of staff and volunteers

  • Strategy and implementation of church ministries

  • Church mission activities

  • General information about how each ministry is faring


  • Building maintenance and improvement

  • Health and safety implementation (working with H & S officer)

  • Fulfilment of quinquennial recommendations

In addition to these permanent committees, other operational teams may gather more sporadically such as a finance team or a policies team.

For more information about sub-committees please contact the relevant chair.

Minutes from full PCC meetings are displayed in church. If you would like to receive these by email please contact

PCC structure 

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