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What is the Leadership Team?


The leadership team is a group of people who work with the vicar to lead the church in strategy, mission and ministry who are accountable to the PCC. It is made up of the Church Wardens, people who have particular ministerial responsibilities and others with relevant experience or wisdom. Three times a year, along with members of the PCC, the leadership team spends away days praying together and making strategic plans for the church.


Who is on the leadership team for Wadsley Church?

The leadership team currently consists of;

• Dan Brown (Vicar, Leader)

• Donna Merry (Warden)

• Joe Fenn (Warden)

• JJ Carter (Assistant Warden)

• David Jeans (Retired Vicar)

• Emma Fenn (Salted Leader)

• Sandra Nichols (Community Worker)

• Viv Jeans (Auth. Worship Leader)

• Chris Nall (Service Leader)

• Steve Hipwell (NWDY Leader)

• Pete Gaunt (Ordinand)

Leadership Team 

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