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S M A L L   G R O U P S

We believe that it is really important for people to find a home and a family within the church. Small groups are a place to get know people on a deeper level and to support and challenge each other as we grow closer to God. 

Most small groups run weekly and meet in homes in the community. On the first Tuesday of the month we have a whole church prayer meeting which replaces small groups that week. 

They are based around the Bible, family and food. 

Get in touch with Emma, our small groups co-ordinator at or speak to a member of the team for more information. 

John and Amber.jpg

John and Amber Crooks 
Wednesdays, 7:30pm

We are parents of Beth and Edward. We love our Church Family at Wadsley and we love standing alongside each other as a small group, supporting our chuch family on our journey with God.

We try to meet socially occasionally for walks and meals, we have fun knowing each other and knowing God.

We are keen to learn, pray and read the word together, we often rotate leading and hosting our meetings and we love to eat together as part of them.

Steve and Margaret Faulkner


 Steve and Margaret's group meets Tuesday am and session ends with lunch. Always at 71 Kendal Rd meeting 2nd and 4th Tuesday every month. Study [at present] follows Sunday talk involving study with discussion and prayer.

David and Viv Jeans

We lead two small groups with a focus on Bible study. The Monday group meet weekly, except when there is a church prayer evening. The Thursday group meet fortnightly in the week when there is no Oasis.
David is a retired priest who loves teaching and has a passion for the relationship between science and faith. On clear nights he gets his telescope out. Viv loves drama (especially in church), is involved in the prayer life of church, and loves crochet and craft. We like foreign holidays and whodunnits on TV! Viv talks a lot, David listens a lot!!

Steve and Anna Hipwell


Steve & Anna Hipwell's group meet in Wadsley at 7:30pm

Eat together, pray together, look at the Bible together.


Tim and Alex Cotton

Mondays, 7pm

Tim and Alex Cotton’s meet’s on Mondays at 7pm, they are a group for young adults! They mainly meet at Don Avenue, but also do socials elsewhere. They have food together, pray and share some form of word! They enjoy having a laugh together, but also being vulnerable and supporting each other.

Chris and Rowann.jpg

Chris and Rowann Nall

Tuesdays, 7.30pm

Chris and Rowann's small group meets at different people's houses each week at 7.30pm.

We eat together, pray and look at the Bible together.

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