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For Parents/Carers

Everyone is really welcome here at Wadsley - which includes families with wriggly children! Here is some info which might be helpful for you to know before you come to visit us:


Children are really welcome in any of our services - please don't feel like small people are too loud or noisy to join in! If you do need a quiet space however there is a creche at the back of church with toys and books which has a speaker so you can still hear what is happening in the main service. Please also feel free to grab some toys and books to take into the service with you if that would help. We also have worship bags in the creche that can be taken into the main service.

We also have children's groups in our 10:30 Sunday services for children aged 3 and over - see this page for more info. 


There is space to leave prams at the back of church before you enter the main worship area - or do bring your pram in with you if that is more helpful.

Nappy Changing

There are nappy changing facilities in both Wadsley Church and the church hall. 

Snacks/Feeding Babies

Please feel free to feed your baby wherever is most comfortable for you - if it is more comfortable there is normally a sofa at the back of church during the service as well as a sofa in the creche if you would prefer a quieter space. 

If your child needs a snack during the service please do go ahead! We also serve tea,coffee and juice/water after the 10.30 service. 

Family Services

These happen at the 10:30 service on the first Sunday of the month and normally involve a craft, a game, worship with actions and a short talk. Everyone is welcome!

If you have any questions please do get in touch with our Children's worker - Emily Kittle. You can email her here. 

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