C H I L D R E N ' S   W O R K

We love children! Children are a really important part of our church family. We want every young person to know that there is a God who loves them and who they can know today - they don't have to wait until they're grown up. 

We have groups for children of all ages at our Sunday morning services and we're really involved in our local primary school. This work is run by an amazing team of volunteers who are always going the extra mile to serve our children - they're amazing!

We are currently running kids work online, please go to the resources page for the latest activities. 

Once we are out of lock down:

The family service will return on the first Sunday of the month and will take place in the church building in a socially distanced manner at 3pm.


The Sunday morning service on the same day will not be for children to attend.


The groups will all take place in the hall. A risk assessment has been completed and there will be guidelines for the leaders in place to ensure that everyone is safe. The key information that you need to know as a parent is:


• Comets will be strictly for children 3+ as parents will not be allowed to accompany their children to groups due to limited space for social distancing.

• The kids sessions will now be in 4 groups. The older group will now be called ‘Launch-pad’ in keeping with the space theme! Each leader will have a register and will let you know which group your child is now in as there have been some changes.

• Please can you drop your child off at 10.30 (SHARP!!) in the church hall carpark. The children will be asked to queue up in front of their leaders and a register will be taken. They will not go into the main church building at any point. There will not be a coffee time after church to tempt children in biscuits wise! Children will be asked to queue in a socially distanced manner and then led into the hall in the same way.

• On arrival your child will be asked to use hand sanitiser.

• To ensure social distancing each group will use tables and the children will be asked to stay in the same seat for the session and so games and crafts will be non-contact. We are following the protocol for schools here in that each child will be able to sit near other students, however they are not allowed to touch.

• Please can you provide your child/ children with their own pencil case containing Pencil crayons or Pens, a pencil, a pen, a rubber, a sharpener, Sellotape, glue, scissors. The aim that no equipment is shared.

• If your child is given a snack in their session it will have been individually wrapped such as a penguin bar and capri suns.

• If your child is in Launch-pad (the oldest group) they should have a bible from when they were in Space-cadets. Can you make sure that they bring it along?

• Please leave church at 11.10 promptly to be outside the church hall at 11.15 to collect your child.

We are currently only allowed groups of 15 in the children’s groups and so if you are hoping to visit Wadsley church and you would like your child to join in with the children’s groups can you email sarahcarolbrown@gmail.com so you can fill in a permission form.