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We believe that God loves us! 

The Bible tells us that He "takes great delight" in us (Zephaniah 3:17), and that He made each of us with the greatest care and attention to detail in accordance with His design (Psalm 139). We also believe that God wants to be in a relationship with all of us so that we can experience that love.

This means that we should also share that love amongst ourselves - we should treat each other with love, and, yes, treat ourselves with love too! The Bible says "love others as you love yourself". 

Our hope is to show every girl that she, you, are so special, so deeply loved, and to draw each of us into a relationship with God. Because we believe ''God's house" is a home where all people should be welcome we will hold many of our evenings in the church, but we will leave it to you and to God to find that relationship.

As part of this we want to enjoy sharing God's love, to have fun together, treating ourselves as God wants to treat us - not indulgence and excess, but pure, simple pleasures and friendships. 

So we look forward to welcoming you to one of our events - you are very welcome, whether you've been before or not! We look forward to meeting you.

Keep an eye out on our social medial pages for future events! 

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