"Wadsley is a church where God moves."

We believe that God has a plan for everybody; to bring freedom, joy and life.

Here at Wadsley, we do our best to put God first in our hearts 

and lives. We are a family that loves and serves one another, whilst

also sharing God's great news with our friends and neighbours.

Friends, following the newest lockdown news, we have made the difficult decision to suspend in-person gathered church services for the next month. We will continue to share in worship together during online services at 10.30 on Sundays and the church will also be open for private prayer on Thursdays between 10 & 12.

We appreciate that this is difficult news for many people to hear and we are so sorry. A lot of prayer and consideration has gone into the decision and it’s not been taken lightly.
Our priority is always to worship and serve Jesus as zealously as we can and to love and support one another authentically. Given the dramatic rise in Covid 19 infections and the complicated nature of trying to keep services safe, we feel like the best way to love each other right now is to err on the side of caution and keep everybody as safe as possible. It is a biblical truth that God wants us all to be safe and well, and if the church is risking our well being then we feel that we’re not following his will right now.

We also believe that it is a powerful witness to our wider community that we are willing to forgo our in-person worship in order to keep our community as safe as possible.

BUT… God has not changed – he is still close, his love is still real and he is still pursuing us. We will continue to meet in our small groups in the week (online) and through our online Sunday services, we can expect to powerfully encounter him in our homes just as we do at church. Today is the day of epiphany. We remember the magi visiting Jesus and having the realisation that God had broken into our world in a new way. As we gather to worship and pray in our homes we expect a new epiphany, that God will break into our lives in new and powerful ways more than ever before.

If you have any questions, or need any support – from prayer, some food to tide you over, or just want to hear one of Dan’s jokes then please get in touch with us either via facebook or email info@wadsleychurch.com. We are still here for each other and will continue to do our best to love and serve.

Many blessings

Wadsley Church