****The last chance to collect treasure from Wadsley Church will be Sunday 30th August, 1030 - 1230. The treasure hunt will be taken down in the next day or so.****

The treasure hunt starts from the Rose and Crown pub, and the route leads over Wadsley Common and back down to Wadsley Church. We think it will take you a bit over an hour. The distance covered is just over a mile.

To complete the treasure hunt, you'll just need a mobile device so that you can access all the clues. There's no need to sign up or anything.

Grown-ups are advised to accompany kids. (We're afraid there isn't any grown-up oriented treasure though.) 

First clue

Hello adventurers! I'm so excited for you all to find some treasure today... We start where all treasure hunts start (and sometimes end!) - the pub! (The Rose and Crown).


Do me a favour, and take a look around you. Can you see the "tree houses"?

How many do ye spy?

The answer is the first password.

Wadsley Church, Worrall Road, Sheffield, S6 4BB 

Email: info@wadsleychurch.com

Wadsley Church is committed to high standards in the safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults. Our Safeguarding Officer is Rachel Brown, who can be contacted by emailing safeguarding@wadsleychurch.com, and our Safeguarding policy can be found by clicking this link.

Our Privacy Notice can be found here.

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