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****The last chance to collect treasure from Wadsley Church will be Sunday 30th August, 1030 - 1230. The treasure hunt will be taken down in the next day or so.****

The treasure hunt starts from the Rose and Crown pub, and the route leads over Wadsley Common and back down to Wadsley Church. We think it will take you a bit over an hour. The distance covered is just over a mile.

To complete the treasure hunt, you'll just need a mobile device so that you can access all the clues. There's no need to sign up or anything.

Grown-ups are advised to accompany kids. (We're afraid there isn't any grown-up oriented treasure though.) 

First clue

Hello adventurers! I'm so excited for you all to find some treasure today... We start where all treasure hunts start (and sometimes end!) - the pub! (The Rose and Crown).


Do me a favour, and take a look around you. Can you see the "tree houses"?

How many do ye spy?

The answer is the first password.

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