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NO WAY?! There was a dinodog?! That's so cool. Make sure you tell me where it was because I've always wanted one. Did it have claws? Wings? A waggy tail? 

Oh... the treasure hunt...

Right, go back whence you came to The Great West Road and go on for just ten steps or so. Can you see a weedy looking pine tree by itself on your right? Smaller than all the other pine trees, not much bigger than a person. Right, walk towards it. Climb the short rocky slope behind it and pick up a rocky path leading uphill and a bit to the left.

VERY IMPORTANT. Keep your eyes peeled for a fearsome creature that's rumoured to hide in the high branches of the tree on your right. It's not easy to see - you might need to leave the path to see it properly. Some say you can hear it singing Justin Bieber songs on a full moon. Did you find the password? 

Great, type it in the box below and let's go on!


(If any grown ups would rather go easy on the "explorer" and want to stay on the Great West Road, you will be able to meet up with the treasure hunt at the viewpoint ahead.)


There's a rumour that this creature has now flown away. So if you're sure you can't see it, you can answer this riddle instead.

"I am lighter than a feather yet no man can hold me for long. What am I?"

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